ONN. TRUE WRLS GEN3 Wireless Earphones

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For those who are constantly on the go, the ONN TRUE WRLS GEN3 Wireless Earphones are the ideal music accessory. These earbuds offer outstanding music quality and comfort whether you’re travelling to work, exercising at the gym, or simply relaxing at home.The totally wireless architecture of the ONN TRUE WRLS GEN3 is one of its distinguishing qualities. These earphones have no chord at all, in contrast to conventional earphones that include a cord connecting the earbuds. This gives you more mobility and flexibility in addition to removing the inconvenience of tangled connections.

The earbuds’ Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity makes it simple to link them with a variety of gadgets, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. With a wireless range of up to 33 feet, you may move about freely while keeping your device in a pocket or bag.

The battery life of the ONN TRUE WRLS GEN3 is very outstanding. A single charge of each earbud’s built-in battery allows for up to 5 hours of gameplay. Up to an extra 17 hours of gaming may be achieved by using the charging case that is supplied. Additionally, the casing has LED lights that display the battery level so you can tell when to recharge.


The earbuds have a comfortable shape as well. You can select the ear tip size that fits you the best from the three that are provided. The earphones are also small and light, which makes them comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

Overall, anyone searching for a cord-free, high-quality audio experience may choose the ONN TRUE WRLS GEN3 Wireless Earphones. They provide excellent sound quality and are simple to use and wear. These earbuds are a terrific option whether you’re travelling or just lounging around the house.


With a balanced sound profile that emphasises both lows and highs, the ONN TRUE WRLS GEN3 produces music that is clear and crisp. For an even more immersive listening experience, the earbuds also have noise-cancellation technology.

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Original price was: $43.76.Current price is: $34.97.

Availability: 30 in stock

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